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Fasting on Arafat if it coincides with Friday

Hiding your sins is not from hypocrisy

How the Companions greeted the month of Ramadhaan

Interracial marriage in Islaam

Money will not buy you happiness

Playing the Qur’aan while sleeping; is this permissible?

Praying on rug containing picture of Ka’bah

Providing food for the family of the deceased

Reading the Qur’aan in other than Arabic

Ruling on nail extensions

Saying Ameen after reciting Al Faatihah outside of the prayer

Sisters exercising

Definition of Deen

Essence of Tawheed and Shirk

Islaam destroys whatever (sins) came before it

Introducing Islaam and its merits

The meaning of gradual untying of the knots of Islaam

Conciliation between strangeness of Islaam and survival of triumphant group

Islaam began as something strange

Intensity of Islaam's strangeness at end of time

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