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Hiding your sins is not from hypocrisy
It is obligatory upon the Muslim to screen himself with the screen of Allaah and to not expose his/her sins.

Providing food for the family of the deceased
Is it correct to assist the family of the deceased in preparing food during the time of mourning?

Whoever believes in Allaah and the Last Day will be among the people of Jannah
There is no doubt that anyone who believes in Allaah, the Last Day and follows Allaah's Messengers will undoubtedly enter Paradise.

Reasons that bring happiness, reasons that bring about misery
Look at your actions day, night and forever until you expire.

Killing oneself and absence of patience upon tribulations
If an individual committed suicide does this mean that he will remain in the hell-fire forever?

Should I advise him even if he knows he is wrong?
What is the ruling if I see a person committing a sin and I do not advise him with the excuse that he knows the ruling (that what he is doing is haraam)?

Cain ibn Aadam was a Muslim
Cain disobeyed and he killed his brother Abel unjustly, but both of them were upon Islaam.

Saying “hello” when answering the phone
Is it permissible to say the statement: “Hello” on the phone?

‘It was a coincidence’
What is the ruling on a person saying: This happened by coincidence?

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