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Women & Family

Interracial marriage in Islaam
The important thing is the religion.

Ruling on nail extensions
What is the ruling on nail extensions?

Sisters exercising
What is the ruling on young ladies exercising?

Ruling on the deceased children of the Mushriks
What is the ruling on a child who, being born to two disbelieving parents, dies before reaching the age of Taklif?

The Legislation of the Hijaab
The call to uncovering is a call which will not bring to the Muslims any good in their Religion nor in their worldly affairs.

The ruling on disliking polygamy
Whoever hates plural marriage or claims that not having plural marriage is better, then he is a Kaafir and an apostate from al-Islaam.

Directing fathers to give importance to raising children Islaamically
Watching over the children and giving them attention and their Islaamic cultivation is an affair which is from the most important matters.

Can men dye their hands and feet with henna?
Men using henna for beautification and to resemble women then this is not permissible.

Splitting inheritance in a just way
It is not for the father to specify some of his children over others regarding any wealth that he owns.

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